Khova / Ghee Making Machines

Condensed Making Plant

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Khova Making Machines, Mithai Making Equipments, Continuous Khoya Making Plant, Telting Model Khova Machines, khoya plants, khawa plants & our setup situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. After quality testing raw milk received is completed and it is approved, then it is stored in refrigerated tanks. This stored raw milk is passed through a pasteurizer wherein raw milk is flash heated to 72° C for about 15 seconds. This warm milk is passed through vacuum evaporator system. In this system water is removed and milk has upto 48% solids. This the product is supplied in bulk as a raw material (With or without sugar) for the food industry, making powder & it is mainly prepared for direct consumption, in which case it is packed and sealed in sterilized tins or in bottles. Evaporation in vacuum, as it is done in practice, has economical advantages, resulting from the possibility of using multi pressure steam from different effects.

Khoya Making Process

Khoya is an important ingredient in the manufacture of rnilk based sweets. It is used for manufacturer of different varieties of sweets like burfi, kalakand, gulab jamun, peda etc. In addition to sweet making it has also application in industries like confectioneries and small scale food industries. 5 Kg of raw milk produces 1 Kg of Khoya.
A continuous khoya making machine with two, three or multi stage concentration evaporators is better for large production. The machine has jacketed cylinders & preheaters placed in a stages series arrangement. This facilitates easy transfer of milk from one cylinder into the other. The system converts milk into concentrate and convert into khoya as per flow rate at the operating pressures, specified. However, the capacity depends on the milk flow rate, steam pressure, total solid concentration of feed and final moisture required in the product. We recommend that to make khoya in large quantity use of concentrated milk improves the production capacity of the final product. The batch type evaporator capacity 300Ltr / Hr, two stage evaporator capacity 500Ltr / Hr, & three stage evaporator capacity 1000Ltr / Hr for small industries. If required larger machines up to 5000 Ltr/Hr processing & so on can be produce.
Khova / Ghee Making Machines

Condensed / Khova Making Plant

MILKON HEAVY ENGINEERING COMPANY specializes in wide range of equipment and plants used for milk processing in dairy industry. With more than 40 years of experience in this industry MILKON is one of the oldest company in this field. We have always manufactured and supplied our plants and equipment based on latest technology, best quality standards. Our plants and equipment are very efficient giving high productivity and quality products. One of our specialty is design, engineer, manufacture high quality condensed milk, Khoya or mawa making plant.
Applications in the Dairy, Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries
Technical Data Sheet For 300Ltr / Hr Batch Evaporator
For 300Ltr / Hr Batch Evaporator : 78Kg / Hr
Steam : 180Kg @1 KgCm2(g)
Compressed Air : 2m2 @ 6 Bar Pressure
Electric Power Connected : 15kW (Max.)
Electric Power Connected : 10kW (Min)
Space : W - 3Mtr X L - 3Mtr X H - 5Mtr

Steam Operated Tilting Khova Machine

Khova / Ghee Making Machines

Technical Data Sheet For 550Ltr / Hr Two Stage Evaporator
Product Output Rate / Hr : 144Kg / Hr
Steam : 200Kg @ 6KgCm2(g)
Compressed Air : 4m2 @ 6Bar Pressure
Electric Power Connected : 20kW (Max.)
Electric Power Connected : 16kW (Min)
Space : W - 5Mtr X L - 4Mtr X H - 7Mtr

Features of Milkon Make Evaporators

• Special design of liquid distribution systems to ensure correct tube coverage.
• Special design to prevent bacteriological growth including thermopile.
• Easy operation.
• No scale formation in tubes.
• Efficient design of vapour separators.
• Shortest possible residence time.
• Low energy consumption (Steam, Power, cooling water).
• Reduce Production Time
• Adjustable and controllable direct contact heat treatment units.
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